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The Vikings were pirate gangs whoes lived in Scandinavia area, and they influenced the history of Europe greatly in the 9th to 11th centuries by pirate plundering . They are excellent warriors connate and often invade other countries, meanwhile they are outstanding masters in the fields of architecture and jewelry. Today, Viking-style jewelry is still popular around the world.


Pirates culture have a long history. At that time,they holds pirate ships and weapons, posing a huge threat to the trade and normal life of the people in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. There are many notorious pirate groups in history, some of which even have great political influence. No more than, the pirates also left an invaluable material cultural heritage for us. Ancient Civilization In the long history of human civilization, China, Greece, Rome and Egypt are closely related to piracy.


In the long history of human civilization, China, Greece, Rome and Egypt are closely related to piracy. Civilizations in the Americas be destroyed by pirates directly and indirectly. Religion has inhibited pirate culture in some extent. Of course, the above civilizations actions have left a huge material wealth for our modern life aftermost . .

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