Year: 2019

lofoten islands norway

As we know, Norway has beautiful scenery and good national welfare, but actually there are many more interesting things in this country. Many races live here and there is a long story behind each one of them. Norway is a country of many archipelagoes, on one of which there lives an unusual race who are …

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Who first settled iceland and when

In history, the pirates emerged in the Nordic Region are called the Vikings. Despite being pests in the most people’s eyes, Vikings can be said to be the best pirates given their significant historical contributions, and many experts once believed their achievements are weighed against their evil.

2 Pirate Cities in the Caribbean:Port Royal and Nassau

During the Age of Piracy when Caribbean pirates were most rampant, almost the whole Caribbean became the paradise of piracy. In this region, countless tiny islands of good geographical conditions became natural havens for pirates. That is also what made Port Royal and Nassau pirate cities.