Month: March 2019

What did the vikings do in ireland for 9th century

What was it like in the 9th-century Ireland? Following the popularization of new religion, the traditional Druidism became extinct. Irish scholars studied Latin and Christian theology in monasteries which were all very gorgeous buildings in Ireland. Irish missionaries publicized the academic atmosphere in Ireland, which attracted scholars from the whole Europe to visit Ireland. Those …

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Why Pirates Like to Wear Earrings?

In films, TV series or paintings related to piracy, a pirate is always stereotyped as a person with one blind eye and a black pirate hat. To be specific, a blind eye, a wooden artificial limb, a pair of moccasins, a pirate hat or a parrot is the typical elements of a pirate.

Mythologies of China, India, North Europe, Greece and Egypt

Mythology is a sort of important artistic creation of early human civilization. Usually recorded and inherited in the form of poems or similar literary works, mythology is the material information for the study of early human culture, and also the inspiration source of human beliefs as well as literary and artistic creation.