Year: 2020

Nordic symbols of strength

Symbols were very much a part of Viking’s life, depicting the various aspects that held the most meaning. Strength is one attribute that one can confidently attribute to the Vikings, given their ability to wage war and conquer their enemies. They had gods on their side, calling to them for strength, particularly during battle. Here, …

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what is the viking language ?

Is the language used in movies and series depicting the Vikings true? The reality is that it’s not; instead, writers employ current Scandinavian languages to make it easier for the actors. The language the Vikings spoke is somewhat of a lost language, with university professors, enthusiasts, and nearly no one else speaking the language. One …

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What Is The Viking Religion

Faith, war, and everything in between helps us realize the current state of religion in our century is nothing new. The Vikings, too, did have organized religion that also brought both conflict and the uptake of new gods. Let’s explore further. what is the viking religion called? When the Viking people settled in the Scandinavian …

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