Celtic Ring Meaning and History

Mostly crafted out of gold or silver, Celtic rings were the preserve of the wealthy and noble. Just as with other ancient jewelry, they featured varied designs on them that held deep significant meaning to the wearer. Also true of the ring is that it has been modified over many years but it has never lost its symbolism.

Celtic Jewelry Meaning and History 

In about 500 B.C. the Celtic culture and influence reached the Irish borders. On arrival, they proceeded on to making productions of their artwork that was later called La Tene in honor of the area in Switzerland it was found during research. This fashion of handiwork was all about curves, spirals, and any geometric shapes known to man at the time.

Celtic Bracelet Meaning And History

Bracelets have long been an iconic fashion statement that is simple yet powerful enough to make a statement even while dressed in denim and a t-shirt. Built to be a little bulkier than the dainty bangle, they almost always feature beautiful designs. Some of these designs of the Celtic bracelet have seeped into the present day.