Nordic symbol of death

Depending on where you come from, death can either be seen as a great loss or a chance to celebrate someone’s transition from life. For the Norse people, death was very much a part of their culture, particularly when they went into battle. Here, we’re going to look at the Nordic symbol of death, the …

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Nordic symbols of love

In Norse culture, there was a strong belief in gods that ruled over various aspects of life. Themes, such as war, death, love, courage, strength, protection, and the like, could each be ascribed to one or more gods. There were male and female gods, but the nature of love and the emotion it evokes this …

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Nordic symbol of war

War is a terrible time for many, whether you’re on the losing or winning side. Carnage is inevitable, and no life remains untouched. While that is true for physical wars, we tend to experience the same when fighting things in our personal lives. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the importance of not giving …

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