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Harreira is a sign for a group of pirate culture lovers, we have developed some pirate-related fashion accessories and gifts in our web. There are rings, necklaces, bracelets, key chains, crafts, etc. To meet the customers around the world who love the pirate cuture too. Our products include Viking Pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean, Japanese Pirates , and pirates-related Celtic, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Slavic, Gothic, Bohemian, religious, punk and other styles. Jewelries and crafts enjoys we each other

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The Vikings were  pirate  gangs  whoes  lived  in  Scandinavia  area,  and  they  influenced  the  history  of  Europe  greatly  in  the  9th  to  11th  centuries  by  pirate  plundering    .  They  are  excellent  warriors  connate  and  often  invade  other  countries,  meanwhile  they  are  outstanding  masters  in  the  fields  of  architecture  and  jewelry.  Today,  Viking-style  jewelry  is  still  popular  around  the  world.

Pirates  culture  have  a  long  history.  At  that  time,they  holds  pirate  ships  and  weapons,  posing  a  huge  threat  to  the  trade  and  normal  life  of  the  people  in  the  Pacific,  Atlantic  and  Indian  Oceans.  There  are  many  notorious  pirate  groups  in  history,  some  of  which  even  have  great  political  influence.  No  more  than,  the  pirates  also  left  an  invaluable  material  cultural  heritage  for  us.

in  the  Americas  be  destroyed  by  pirates  directly  and  indirectly.  Religion  has  inhibited  pirate  culture  in  some  extent.  Of  course,  the  above  civilizations  actions  have  left  a  huge  material  wealth  for  our  modern  life  aftermost