What About Famous Australian Pirates History

Despite it being an island, piracy in Australia was not defined in the same way as other nations. Defined as an ugly and shocking crime committed at sea, piracy was not a norm in the land down under. However, that is not to say that there were no exciting events that happened on the Australian coast. Australian pirates were simply a rare breed.

Real cases of pirate attacks on warships

On the ocean, merchant ships and fishing vessels are always trying to avoid any encounters with pirates. And it is common to find them being chased by pirates. But even the most vicious pirate will keep away from navies, since they are not a patch on navies in terms of tonnages, equipments or training.

why did the spanish armada fail to invade england

Global changes followed the discovery of the New World. Maritime civilization started to gain the upper hand of the competition with land civilization. With battleships and cannons, many small countries became world empires, representatively Spain, Portugal, Holland, England and France.