What did the vikings do in ireland for 9th century

What was it like in the 9th-century Ireland? Following the popularization of new religion, the traditional Druidism became extinct. Irish scholars studied Latin and Christian theology in monasteries which were all very gorgeous buildings in Ireland. Irish missionaries publicized the academic atmosphere in Ireland, which attracted scholars from the whole Europe to visit Ireland. Those …

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What happened to the vikings in greenland

Greenland is the largest island in the world, and also a small ice world with the culture and landscapes rare in other same-latitude regions. This time, the course of MS Fram is called “Viking heritage”, and the historical sites along the way will tell us the legends which took place here.

Life During the Viking Era

It has been nearly one thousand years since the last Vikings ventured abroad raiding and pillaging peasant towns and Christian monasteries. Yet the enduring imagery of monks being slaughtered and churches being looted is ever present in our minds. Every time someone utters the word ‘’Viking’’ we tend only to think of violent, barbaric warriors …

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