what is thor’s hammer/mjolnir meaning?

Mjölnir, also known as Thor’s hammer, is the weapon used by Thor in Norse mythology. The hammerhead of Mjölnir is forged with the core part of a dying planet, while the hammer handle was made of a branch from the world tree Yggdrasil.

Mjölnir is the weapon unexpectedly obtained by Loki when he is making fun of deities and dwarves. Mjölnir is later handed over to Thor with its handle shortened as a result of Loki’s prank. Despite being so, it remained the most fearsome and powerful weapon in Norse mythology.

The hammerhead of Mjölnir is said to have been made from the Uru metal in Asgard, while its handle is made from the wood from world tree Yggdrasil. It can be downsized and put in the pocket when not being used. Mjölnir can penetrate anything. Once being thrown out, it accurately hits the target and flies automatically back to its owner.

Mjölnir was once stolen by the giant Thrym, who asked for the marriage with the goddess Freyja. Thor masqueraded as her and succeeded in grabbing the hammer. Therefore, this hammer is also a sacred wedding object as best wishes to the new bride.

Besides, Thor entertained a farming family with mutton on his way to Jotunheim, and resurrected the goat on the next day. Therefore, Mjölnir also has the power of resurrection.

As Mjölnir is of great power and Thor is a highly respected god, necklaces were often made in the shape of this hammer and used as amulets in ancient Nordic region.

The symbol of Gothic people is also Mjölnir, which means “crushing all” in their language. They used the “Thor’s hammer” as their national symbol because it was the most powerful weapon in Norse mythology. Also, as Mjölnir has the power of resurrection, Gothic people hoped that their fallen warriors could come back to life and continue fight for their people.


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