The Well-known Pirate Sisters, the Best Among Female Pirates

Speaking of pirates, it is always hard to distinguish between facts and legends. But indisputably there are female pirates in the history. And the best among them were two female pirates in Jamaica in the early 18th century.

Mary and Anne

Who are the pirate sisters mentioned above? The two female pirates, Mary and Anne, were respectively born in England and Ireland. Mary was ten years older than Anne.

Who is pirate Mary?Mary was born an illegitimate daughter of her widowed mother and a captain in 1685. Her mother disguised Mary as her first son who died early, so as to defraud her parents-in-law of monetary support. Their fraud went smoothly and nobody discovered Mary’s secret until her teenage years. This made Mary boyish, casual and bold. That is also the personality basis for her piracy career.

A few years later, Mary got a job on a merchant ship as a low level sailor, and then joined the English military. Mary could had become an officer for her courage in battle. But one of her comrades came into her life, they fell in love. After the war, Mary and her beloved man retired from military, and opened an inn in Holland with decommission gratuity. However, she became a widow when her husband died of disease shortly after their marriage. To make a living, Mary had to disguised as man again and worked on a merchant ship. Later her ship was hijacked by pirates, of her own accord or under compulsion, she joined the pirates. The captain of this pirate ship was John ”Calico Jack” Rackham, his lover Anne was also onboard.

Who is pirate Anne?Anne is also an illegitimate daughter of a successful Irish lawyer and his housemaid. Compared to Mary, she had a better life. Anne’s father loved Anne very much. To take Anne with him, her father had made her dressed up like a boy since her childhood, and claimed this little “boy” to be his clerk. Until one day, the lawyer’s wife learned the truth. She could not bear that his husband had an affair with a housemaid and even had a child. She fought with her husband and urged him to expel Anne and her mother. But Anne’s father made a surprising decision: he left home together with Anne and her mother.

They sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to th United States. There Anne’s father made a big fortune and bought a manor. The change of material living conditions, her experience of disguising as man, and her parents’ indulgence, finally led to her unruliness. When she was 13, she stabbed a knife into a servant’s belly because of a spat. At the age of 16, Anne fell in love with a pirate James Bonny and claimed that she must marry him. Out of rage, her father drove her out of home. Anne changed her surname into Bonny and got aboard a pirate ship with her lover. But in Nassau, Bahamas, Anne met a more powerful pirate, John Rackham. She dumped her husband James and became John’s lover.

Once joined John’s pirate gang, Mary and Anne soon identified each other to be woman and became like sisters.

Around 1730, under john’s command, Mary and Anne were active in the Caribbean. Later John was defeated in a battle between his ship and a warship sent by the Governor of Jamaica. Mary and Anne fought to the end and were both arrested. Mary died in prison, while Anne made a successful escape. Since then she had continued her pirate life in the Pacific.

There are rumors that Anne Bonny left their treasures at somewhere in the Pacific. It is also said that Anne established a stronghold and accumulated wealth to stage a comeback. But all these stories remain a mystery to us.