Aegishjalmur Pendant – Stainless Steel


Aegishjalmur Pendant | Viking Helm of Awe Necklace

The Helm of Awe symbol is based on a cross structure, from the central point there stretches trident-shaped arms. The Helm of Awe usually has eight, six or four arms. In eight-arm version, the arms point to the “ættir” of sky and ground; in six-arm design, the arms stand for the four main directions and a vertical axis; and in the four-arm one, the arms refers to the main directions of the secular universe. However, there could be Helm of Awe designs with more arms. Similar to the most ancient symbols of power, the design of Helm of Awe is not immutable; its lines could be curve or straight.

Pendant : Stainless Steel ,30g , Helm of Awe/Aegishjalmur
Necklace : Stainless Steel,55cm+5cm


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