Berserker Bear Mjolnir



Berserker Bear Mjolnir. Berserk is derived from the old Norse words ber-serkr (believed to mean “bear-shirt”) and berserkers were the champion Norse warriors of the Viking era. Much like the power inflicted from Thor’s hammer, the bear symbolizes great strength, stamina and uncontrolled rage in Viking times. 

Pendant: Zinc Alloy, Antique Silver Plated, 41mm x 33mm
Necklace: Black Rope Chain.

Color:Ancient silver,Ancient gold

Mjölnir is the weapon unexpectedly obtained by Loki when he is making fun of deities and dwarves. Mjölnir is later handed over to Thor with its handle shortened as a result of Loki’s prank. Despite being so, it remained the most fearsome and powerful weapon in Norse mythology.   From:what is thor’s hammer/mjolnir meaning

Berserker was a kind of warriors in Norse mythology. They could shift into a state of wild frenzy when becoming angry, which enabled them to engage the enemy without armor. This was also the origin of in word “Berserker” in English.From:what is a viking berserker



Antique Gold Plated, Antique Silver Plated