Black Pirate Quill Pen


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Even pirates have to write, and in the old days, when pens were not common, they used what everyone else used, that being a quill pen! This Black Pirate Quill Pen echoes a pirate style, but adds in modern convenience for everyday ease of use. This quill pen consists of a real black feather quill that features a biro pen insert, which gives it the look of a classic and historical feathered pen (albeit one that is dyed black to suit a pirates style), with the modern convenience of writing like a traditional pen. It comes complete with an informational card that provides a bit of information about pirates and piracy, as well as some background for one of the most famous pirates of all time – Blackbeard. There will be no dipping this quill in ink, though, because once you get it out of the package, this Black Pirate Quill Pen is ready to go, allowing you to write missives, correspondences, chart notes, and more with ease!

Key Features:
A Real Feather Quill Pen
Fully Functional and Great for Writing With
Features a Biro Pen Nib
Includes an Informational Card about Piracy
A Great Gift Idea or Personal Writing Too

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