Dagger pendant night light necklace


Dagger Nightlight Hanging Necklace|Ring King Hobbit Nightlight Necklace|Orc Slayer Sword Necklace

Chain Style: Cross Chain

Category: Necklaces

Treatment process: electroplating

Material: Alloys

Perimeter: 21cm-50cm

Weight: 9g

There are legends of a shortsword enchanted to warn its owners of impending danger, saving their lives many times over…

This necklace has been made with metal and high quality phosphor which glows in low light or dark environments. It can be recharged under sunlight or UV light.

Materials: Silver-plated Zinc Alloy, phosphor
Pendant Size: 15 x 62mm (0.6″ x 2.4″)
Chain Length: 500mm (19.7″)