Glow In The Dark Dragon And Tiger’s Eye Meditation Beads(6mm)



Harness the power of dragons with this cool accessory!

These meditation beads are made with Obsidian stone, Tiger’s Eye and a single, striking luminous bead with an imprint of a dragon.

The Dragon symbolizes power and wisdom, while Tiger’s Eye is said to attract abundance. Obsidian stones help to clear negative energies while rejuvenating the wearer.

This bracelet’s glow in the dark bead can be recharged via sunlight or other UV light sources.

A subtle, yet eye-catching accessory for any dragon lover’s outfit and a beautiful tool for meditation.

About Meditation Beads

Meditation beads, also known as Mala Beads, are millennia-old tools used in Buddhist, Hinduism and Yoga traditions.

They are worn for their spiritual and healing qualities as well as a tool for certain types of meditation. Different types of stones are used in the bracelet depending on the wearer’s mental, physical or spiritual needs.

Using such beads in mediation as a tactile aid can help quiet the mind and body. When chanting mantras, Mala beads help practitioners to keep track of the number of mantras recited.

It is for the latter reason that these bracelets have 108 beads. 108 is a sacred and spiritual number said to represent the wholeness of existence, time and the human condition. Chanting a mantra 108 times is said to exponentially amplify its effects.

Materials: Obsidian Stones, Tiger’s Eye, Glow In The Dark Bead, Elastic Rope
Length: 66cm (26.0″)