Glow In The Dark Fenrir Wolf Necklace


Fenrir, the Lord of Wolves. Norse legends of this infamous wolf tell of the day when he’ll devour the world on the day of Ragnarok. For now, he is kept on a chain by the Gods, dreading the day when he breaks free…

Inspired by Nordic mythology and art, this beautiful Fenrir Wolf necklace invokes a fighting spirit that will last till the end of time.

The addition of glow in the dark enamel gives the necklace an ethereal glow that makes it even more striking at night.

The glow can be recharged via sunlight or other UV light sources.

The perfect gift for Viking and wolf lovers.

Material: Plated Zinc Alloy, Cubic Zirconia, Vegan Leather, Glow in the Dark Enamel
Pendant Size: 4 x 4.5cm (1.5″ x 1.7″)
Chain/Cord Length: 55 + 5cm (19.7″ + 2.0″) Extendable Chain