gungnir T-Shirt


gungnir T-Shirt | Norse Nordic viking norwegian Apparel

Material: polyester fiber
Colors: black

Front:  gungnir , Raven, wolf, Yggdrasil/world tree

Size:4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, XS, 3XL, L, M, S, XL, XXL

Gungnir:In Norse mythology, Gungnir was the weapon of lord God Odin. It was made of the branches from the World Tree Yggdrasil by dwarves. The Gungnir was a holy weapon, and the oath made in front of it could not be broken and was be bound to come true. Gungnir was fashioned based on javelin, therefore it was a mighty weapon when being used as javelin. And as it looked like a meteor arching across the sky when thrown out, it was referred to as “the Spear of Meteor”.From: what does odin’s spear gungnir symbol meaning

Yggdrasil: We also learn from this old vellum scripts that the World Tree is not a transcendental entity beyond time and space; rather, it is alive, organic, fragile, and strong, and bound by the three dimensions of time : past, present, and future. The fragility of Yggdrasil is always a concern to the gods. There is a dragon called “the Bane Biter” who bites its deepest root. There are also other animals that attack the World Tree: four deer named Dain, Dvalin, Duneyr and Duratro feed from the branches. Dain and Dvalin are described as “as if they are dead” or ”living with indifference, living in a mist”. The two animals stand on the roof of Valhalla (the abode of the gods): the goat Heidrun and the deer Eiktyrner, and they feed from the branches too – but they give back gifts to the Tree. The goat offers mead and the deer pours waters from its antlers into the roots. It is said that they both live in balance with the Tree. From : World tree/Yggdrasil meaning in norse mythology



4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, XS, 3XL, L, M, S, XL, XXL

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