Odin T-Shirt


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Odin T-Shirt | Viking Shirts | Nordic / Norse  Apparel / Clothing

Note: These shirts are typically about two sizes smaller than average US/UK sizes. If you normally wear a Medium, we would recommend ordering an XL.

Material: Cotton
S, M, L, XL, 2XL & 3XL (see note above for proper sizing)
Colors: Black

Who was Odin the Viking God

Odin is well known as the god of war and death. He rules over Valhallar which is the place where all Vikings who died in battle go. He had one eye and is said to have lost the other in exchange for a drink from the source of freedom also known as Mimir’s well. He was well-worshipped by kings, warriors and guards who would call out his name or indent their jewelry, weaponry or armor with Odin symbols. This god has maidens working for him called Valkyries who pick up the dead souls of these Odin worshippers and takes them to Valhallar.

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