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Fluorescent flashlight detection pen|UV LED Flashlight|purple flashlight

Make your glow in the dark items extra shiny with this UV flashlight!

While normal light can be used to charge our luminous accessories, using UV light speeds up the recharging process on top of making their glow more intense.

UV light is also commonly used to detect fluorescent substances and in night fishing.

– 450 Lumens UV LED flashlight
– Ultraviolet wavelength: 395 – 410nm
– Zoomable
– Water Resistant
– Buckle for easy clipping onto belts or bag straps

Maximum range: 200-500 M

Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: 395 purple light, 365 purple light, set: 395 purple light + Battery + charging, set: 365 purple light + Battery + charging

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365 purple light, 365 purple light + Battery + charging, 395 purple light, 395 purple light + Battery + charging


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