Sterling Silver Vegvisir and Runes Ring



Vegvisir and Runes Ring – 925 Sterling Silver | Viking Compass and Norse Runes

This is the ultimate expression of Viking heritage. This ring has it all. On the front it features the Icelandic symbol of Vegvisir (Viking Compass) surrounded by Norse Runes. On each side it features Viking serpent-like knotwork.

Material: High Quality 925 Sterling Silver. 5/8″ diameter. Packaged in a gift box. 10 grams.
Sizes Available

Vegvisir:The vegvísir is composed of eight Viking runic staves. It is similar to the Helm of Awe/Aegishjàlmr, but there are some differences between them. The eight runic staves in vegvisir respectively stand for four cardinals (north, south, west and east) and four directions between mandrels (northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast). The eight directions and the central point (which stands for the Midgard) are the basic elements in the composition of vegvísir.From : Vegvísir/Viking Compass Origin and Meaning

Runes:The word “runes” was possibly derived from “runa” in Gothic language, which meant “whispering in secret”. Later it was applied to a set of Nordic or Germanic alphabet originally used for magic purposes. In divination with runes, every character has its corresponding interpretation and other additional deep meaning. Apart from being related to “runa” in Gothic language, the word “rune” was also believed to be derived from “raunen” in Germanic language, which meant “cutting” or “carving”.From :Magical Runes Mythology Symbols And Meanings



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