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viking dragon boat:In 1880 and 1904, two Viking warships used by Norwegian royal family between 800 and 850 were excavated. Their keels and hull-shells were made from solid oak, while the bottoms and decks were made from pine. The wood planks of hull shell were obviously imbricated, therefore this ship was built with the “overlap joint” method, that was, imbricating the planks like tiles and then fixing them with iron rivets. Sometimes cables were used to bind the hull, and the gaps between plants were filled with animal hair or plant fiber. With the imbricated planks and square sails, the warships were solid enough and lightweight.Find more here:why were viking ships so successful and important

Size: length 25.5 * height 17.5 * width 5.5cm
Material: resin
Weight: about 360g


length 25.5 * height 17.5 * width 5.5cm




about 360g

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