Viking Wolf Head Cord Necklace


Viking Wolf Head Cord Necklace| Norwegian Viking Necklace| Wolf Head Pendant Leather Rope Necklace

Norwegian Viking Mythology Wolf Head Necklace Men’s Vintage Leather Rope Alloy Pendant

Material: Alloy

Type: Necklace

Chain: leather rope

Perimeter: 51cm (inclusive) – 80cm (inclusive)

Color :Ancient silver, Ancient copper

Element: Viking Wolf Head

Perimeter: 45CM+ extension chain 5CM

Pendant: 4.7CM*4.2CM

Weight: 22 grams

Style: Viking mythology, Nordic mythology, Viking necklace

What is the Viking Wolf? The most famous Warcraft in the Nordic mythology, the huge wolf-shaped monster, it is said that when he opens his mouth, the upper and lower jaws can withstand the heavens and the earth. He was imprisoned by the gods for his violent character, and he did not get out of trouble until the end of the war, and swallowed the Lord God Odin.

Metal Color