5 symbols of power for Nordic Viking

Power is something we innately desire. We want, at a basic level, the ability to do something how we wish, and also, assert our influence on other people’s behavior or events. Possessing power, essentially, gives us a unique opportunity to have things move in our favor. Nothing about this aspect has changed. It was the case even during the Nordic age, and they had symbols to show for it.

Let’s explore some of the symbols in Norse mythology that depict power.

Viking Axe

Viking Axe symbol

Vikings are known the world over for employing axes in a close-range battle. They were efficient in using them, making them revered warriors in surrounding territories. The Viking ax was, therefore, an apt symbol for power, bravery, and strength the warriors showed. The Vikings were fearless in battle, and that helped them assert their place in society as a force to be reckoned with.

Gungnir: Odin’s spear

The spear Odin wielded, crafted by Invaldi’s sons, the cleverest dwarf smiths in the cosmos, remains an influential symbol in Norse mythology. It was powerful, known for striking its target no matter how far or near. No material could come in the way of its purpose and once fulfilled would return to Odin. The other meanings attached to the symbol of Odin’s spear are war, wisdom, and also inspiration, all of which require harnessing one’s inner power to achieve. Fearlessness and courage, too, are required to bring things dear to us to fruition.

Mjolnir: Thor’s hammer

Mjolnir symbol

Thor was the god of thunder and lightning, and it’s therefore fitting that his hammer, Mjolnir, means lightning. Whenever Thor threw the hammer, particularly at an enemy, the weapon always came back to him. Given how powerful the hammer was in serving mighty blows, it was common for Vikings to wear the hammer as an amulet. For them, it was signifying both the power and protection that Thor offers.

Sleipnir: Odin’s eight-legged horse

Sleipnir symbol

Odin had no regular horse. Apart from the typical four, the others grew from his shoulders and the haunches. Sleipnir took Odin to various missions, leaving people in awe about his speed, strength, and overall power. No other horse in the cosmos could surpass his kicking, running, jumping, and neighing. Odin’s horse was known for his bravery, with no obstacle, the elements included, being able to stop him. The eight-legged horse did transport Odin in and out of the realm of the dead, and thus the symbol, apart from power, signified spirituality, protection, perception, strength, and travel too

Viking Dragons

Viking Dragons symbol

Dragons and giant serpents feature in Norse mythology. They were part of the symbolism that Vikings adopted, particularly on their battleships. While not all the dragons depicted could breathe fire or had wings, they were powerful, to say the least. Among the creatures in the cosmos, they ranked highly in the destruction. It’s worth noting the dragons mentioned tended to represent danger and chaos, as well as the power they wielded.  


Having a Nordic symbol is both useful and discrete. Not everyone will know at first glance what it means to us, which is helpful if you’re a private person. If you’re looking to manifest power in your life, consider wearing any of the above symbols to help you in your journey.



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