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Celtic symbols date back to their earliest known existence that is 1200BC during the Iron Age. The name Celt is what Greeks use to refer to a group the large group composed of various Caucasian tribes. Their first known location is said to be Austria, but before the Greeks and the Romans began to take over the territory, they were found in the British Isles as well as eastern, western, and southern Europe. The Celts spoke Celtic languages.

Things that make the Celt stand out from other societies at the time or even before and after due to their unique ways of going about life. The Celts lived their lives based on ethical and honor codes that defined their culture. Other aspects that are unique to the Celtic people are their jewelry, folklore, sculptures, ways of building and designing structures, and the most popular, their drawings.

The Celt took their drawings that signified various things seriously. For example, during wars, the warriors, men, and women included, would tattoo images of fierce animals of their choice. That, they believed, would help them embody the powers of the printed tattoo. The symbols got passed down from generation to other thanks to bards and storytellers. That way, their heritage was able to live on. A lot of what existed at the time did disappear, but some symbols lived on.

Some that were not quite as fortunate is the symbol of strength. Little literature tells us which the exact symbol for strength is. In this article, we’ll explore an in-depth look at the two symbols commonly used to signify strength. The reason why the word matters to most people is because strength is a universal theme like love, peace, and wealth. Equally, the world generally is a tough place to live, and having a reminder of one’s inner strength and survival helps. A person can push through harder times merely by remembering or looking at the Celtic tattoo.

The information we have provided is for two symbols: the Ailm and the Dara Celtic knot.


On the Ogham alphabet (a Medieval Alphabet used in writing the ancient Irish language), the twentieth letter is Ailm, an Irish word. The phonetic value for the word Ailm is [a], and the symbol that identified it was the pine. Apart from being an alphabet, the Ogham is a realm where trees with knowledge and wisdom for a seeker dwelled.

The Ailm represents a number of things apart from strength. They include objectivity (the Celts were known to be diplomatic), integrity, guidance, clarity, pure energy, fertility, healing, resilience, and protection. When you look at the Ailm, you will notice a circle. As in mainstream symbols, the circle can also mean wholeness, purity of soul, or intactness.

The other meaning that you get from the little literate available on Celtic symbols is that Ailm can also be said to mean silver fir/pine or conifer. Even with that, all the trees are symbolic all the same, holding significant meaning to the persons during the time. The silver fir was considered to symbolize quite a few things. One of them was it being a symbol of truth, honesty, and forthrightness. They also show much strength, mainly because the first fir trees are believed to have been around during the age of dinosaurs

The firs can withstand a lot, giving them the interpretation as the symbol of strength. They can and have survived diverse conditions and have grown despite it until today. When you look at the fir tree from a spiritual perspective, it shows growth. Overall, because the letter for Ailm is written as fir or pine, one can interpret it as a sign of strength, survival, and longevity, no matter what a person is going through.

Dara Celtic Knot

The most known and far the most popular because of the elaborate design is Dara Celtic Knot when referring to strength. The reason why the knot is identified with the Celts is that they are the ones who came up with this elaborate way of tying knots. The word Dara comes from ‘duir,’ the Celtic word for oak in the Ogham. The oak tree symbolizes strength, endurance, leadership, wisdom, and other robust characteristics. The roots of the oak were equally symbolic, referred to when talking about divine resources and inner strength.

When you look at the two traits together, one can say that it shows double strength in any given situation. A tattoo for even the framing of the Dara Celtic Knot and putting it somewhere you can see so it can give you the extra push to hold on you need when you want to give up. You can also walk around with confidence, assured that you carry dominant traits within you.

Another way that this symbol for strength got interpreted was that, like an oak tree, each one possesses the resource they need within their own roots/ deep within themselves. Some of these resources include strength and wisdom, regardless of the space one is in. Paired with the knot, one can see themselves as accurate depictions of strength just as powerful knots can withstand tons of pressure.

It is worth noting that there is no singular design for the Dara Celtic knot. You will find some are simple, while others have intricate designs. Since a lot of what was there during early times got lost or perhaps manipulated, the differences shouldn’t bother you. Pick something from the variety available, as it could be likely that they all existed throughout all these centuries. What matters the most is what personal meaning you give the symbol based on what has been highlighted there.

Why symbols are important

In society, symbols refer to words, gestures, signals, objects, and signs. They are what get used to aid humans to give the world around them meaning. What gives symbols value is what they represent and not how they look. If you’ve never seen a ‘No Entry’ sign before, then you’re likely to use that wrong route. The same is true for symbols.

That is why it’s vital to understand what symbols mean. That said, it is worth noting that when looking specifically at the Celtic symbol for the strength, we can agree that there is not a lot of historical evidence that supports the claims made. It has been left to the linguistics and historians to decipher meaning. That is why there are a variety of definitions for the symbols indicated, not merely strength.

The purpose of that is not to create confusion but instead allow you to make the symbol your own. It would be perhaps more accurate that you state the symbol you’ve adopted in your life as one inspired by the Celts, and not necessarily of the said origin. You can also use the symbol to come up with a handful of meanings that you can use to keep you grounded. Turn the symbol into something personal that will hold meaning for the rest of your life.  


The Celtic people were spiritual, depending on nature to make sense of life and emulate the lessons it gives. When you look at the symbol of strength, there are a lot of places you can apply it. In this article, we have mentioned getting a tattoo just as the Celtic women and men warriors did. You can put it at a place where you can see it, or make a mental note to pat into the powers associated with the tattoo to pull you through.

For others, a tattoo is not the route to take. If that’s you, purchasing jewelry with the Celtic symbol of strength is best. You can get earrings, pendants, and bracelets where they can equally serve as a reminder for what you need to tap into the inner strength within you. There is also the choice of putting the symbol in your living and workspaces.


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