celtic triskelion symbols meaning and their history

The Triskelion is a triple spiral that looks the same whichever way that you put it. The same is called Archimedean spirals after the mathematician. However, it is also said to resemble three human bent legs, given that the name Triskelion is a Greek word for the same. The triple spiral is a Celtic symbol and dates back to the Neolithic era and also the Iron Age The origin of the same is in Newgrange, Ireland, and it gained popularity in about 500BC.

Symbolists, over the centuries, have been trying to figure out what the Triskelion means. While there hasn’t been a consensus, it is largely thought to the truth to some of the aspects of Celtic culture. Some of it includes motion, cycles, revolution, and progress, which speaks a lot about what the Celts are known for. The other aspects that the Triskelion refers to with regards to cycles is life-death-rebirth, mother-father-child, body-mind-spirit, and other trinities that speak of the same.

In the Celtic culture, the Triskelion is also thought to have special meaning. The culture is large on symbolism, and something that is recurring in the Celtic culture is the relationship between worlds. In that case, the Triskelion is said to refer to the present world, the spiritual world, and also the celestial world. There are many possibilities when it comes to what the Triskelion means, and currently, it would only make sense to ascribe any of the meaning mentioned of you’re thinking of getting a tattoo of the same.

You will find the triple spiral primarily in artifacts around the European Neolithic and Bronze age, and then it moved on to the Iron age. It is also worth noting that the appearance of the symbol was in Malta, that is, around 4400-3600 BCE. The first spotting of the same was on a famous megalithic tomb in Ireland. Even so, it is difficult to pinpoint the origin of the Triskelion, given that it is native to quite several ancient cultures. The same symbol is also thought to be native to Greek, as was the case with the coins made at the time.

The meaning behind the Triskelion symbol is vast, and though it is not known where it came about, there are meanings of the same that you can adopt. From some of the content that is available online, harnessing the symbol and taking it in your life means that you’re ready to be one with the universe. It brings about a manifestation of divinity but also being in the world as well, where everything comes into harmony.

The Triskelion is a symbol that has a lot of meanings, and the person getting the symbol either as a tattoo or jewelry could use it to as they wish. Whatever you choose, it is agreed that it speaks of trinity and motion as well. Whatever your trio is, the Triskelion can work to help you actualize what means the most to you.


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