lofoten islands norway

As we know, Norway has beautiful scenery and good national welfare, but actually there are many more interesting things in this country. Many races live here and there is a long story behind each one of them. Norway is a country of many archipelagoes, on one of which there lives an unusual race who are the “descendants of pirates”. Today, they are called great navigators and the guardians of this archipelago.

That is the Lofoten archipelago in Nordland, Norway. For being entirely located inside the Arctic Circle, it is beautiful but sparsely populated. There are only about 20,000 inhabitants living in this extremely cold area. But they are the people with stories. These islanders are mainly Vikings, and the word “Viking” mean “pirate” in Old Norse. That’s right, now the most people living on the Lofoten archipelago are descendants of Vikings.

In our impression, pirates are the bandits on the sea. They hijack and plunder ships for a living, so were the ancestors of Vikings. It is said the ancestors of Vikings pillaged coastal areas of Western Europe at first, especially monasteries; later they began to invade other European countries. Even those great powers in Europe had been victims of these most feared robbers in Europe.

Afterwards, Vikings escaped to this Norwegian archipelago in order to evade manhunt. After settling down here, they turned to fishing for a living as local codfishes are abundant and sold well. They also tried to develop animal husbandry. But there is little vegetation here due to the wind and cold, even houses must be built with thick slabs and fastened with rope. Local people built these stone houses to survive from the severe cold, but they accidentally become the paradise for artists and tourists.

In modern times, people found the Lofoten archipelago to be an interesting place. Soon local fishers became less but a large number of artists and tourists came. This ice-blue archipelago is widely popular for its seclusion and pure nature. It is obvious that local people have begun to earn tourist income, because you can always find tourists and painters here.

According to a Norwegian from nearby area, this archipelago is now among the most popular tourist destinations in Norway. He has been to the archipelago before, and he feels proud of the local beautiful scenery which made him linger. If I get a chance, I want to take a long vacation and spend some time in a storehouse here, to get a feel of the living environment of descendants of pirates.


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