Who first settled iceland and when

In history, the pirates emerged in the Nordic Region are called the Vikings. Despite being pests in the most people’s eyes, Vikings can be said to be the best pirates given their significant historical contributions, and many experts once believed their achievements are weighed against their evil.

Vikings led the development of Nordic Region in their time. Have infringed upon many European countries, Vikings are not only born fighters, but also great voyagers. By both luck and strength, they discovered Greenland and Iceland in their expeditions westwards. In that golden era for Vikings, pirates were strong enough to fight against armed forces of many countries, some of which even did not dare to confront with pirates alone.

In the 9th century, a Viking man named Arnason called in his sworn brothers as well as his subordinates, over twenty men in total, founded a pirate group and vanquished local pirates. At that time, their major economic activity was slave trade, and sometimes they also plundered some villages in Gaul, but this pirate group failed to develop substantively in scale as they did not have a stable base.

Till one day, these pirates encountered a storm on the sea. All their ships were blown off course and brought to an uninhabited island in the North Atlantic Ocean, which later became their development base. In addition, this island is geographically far away from the European continent, while navies at that time were no match for pirates, making it an absolutely impregnable base for pirates. Therefore, these pirates decided to store food and spoils on this island, so as to meet their needs of life for 3-5 years.

A large quantity of food and wealth was stored within half of a year. And to make sure their piracy career would be inherited from generation to generation, the pirates went ashore and kidnapped many women. Every time the pirate group plundered villages, the captured women were sent aboard for “aesthetic review”. If a woman was not wanted by any pirate, she would be threw into the sea; while beautiful women would be brought to the pirate island and become spouses of pirates.

Over one hundred women were brought to this island and became spouses of pirates. As the pirate group develops, after a millennium, the uninhabited island becomes Iceland , one of the Nordic countries. Today Iceland is one of the richest capitalist countries in the world. But due to the high geographic latitude, forest coverage rate is low on this island. And as a result of a large number of volcanoes on the island, countless forest resources are completely buried beneath the ground.

According to Icelandic official statistics, the forest coverage rate in this country is only 0.6%. It is so frigid in this country that the surface of most areas is covered with ice and snow, and there is even no mosquito. But the polar days and nights in Iceland attract up to one million tourists annually, which is three times the population of this country.


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